Prime Contract – Clause I.89



(a)        Organization chart.  As promptly as possible after the execution of this contract, the contractor shall furnish to the contracting officer a chart showing the names, duties, and organization of key personnel (see 48 CFR 952.215-70) and managerial personnel (see 48 CFR 970.5245-1 (j)) to be employed in connection with the work, and shall furnish supplemental information to reflect any changes as they occur.

(b)        Supervisory representative of contractor.  Unless otherwise directed by the contracting officer, a competent full-time resident supervisory representative of the contractor satisfactory to the contracting officer shall be in charge of the work at the site, and any work off-site, at all times.

(c)        Control of employees.  The contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct, and integrity and shall be responsible for taking such disciplinary action with respect to its employees as may be necessary.  In the event the contractor fails to remove any employee from the contract work whom DOE deems incompetent, careless, or insubordinate, or whose continued employment on the work is deemed by DOE to be inimical to the Department’s mission, the contracting officer may require, with the approval of the Secretary of Energy, the contractor to remove the employee from work under the contract. This includes the right to direct the contractor to remove its most senior key person from work under the contract for serious contract performance deficiencies.

(d)       Standards and procedures.  The contractor shall establish such standards and procedures as are necessary to implement the requirements set forth in 48 CFR 970.0371.  Such standards and procedures shall be subject to the approval of the contracting officer.