How to Report Concerns or Violations

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System

Third-party provided hotline/website where reporters may either self-identify or remain anonymous.

Phone Hotline: 866.921.6714 (USA), 00-800-2002-0033 (Switzerland)

Fermilab Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Main OGC: 630-840-3572

Fermilab Security Department

Emergency: 630-840-3131

Non-Emergency: 630-840-3414

Office of Inspector General (OIG) – Department of Energy

Office of Inspector General (OIG) – Department of Energy
OIG Hotline: 800-541-1625



Anonymous Reporting

Individuals who contact the DOE/OIG Hotline or the Fermilab Concerns Reporting System are not required to provide their identity. However, persons who report allegations are encouraged to identify themselves in the event additional questions arise as the allegations are investigated. If allegations cannot be investigated without further information from the reporter, it may not be possible to take action on an anonymous complaint. FRA policy prohibits retaliation or punishment of individuals who make a report through any of these channels.