Prime Contract – Clause H.7


In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a (Public Law 93-579) and implementing DOE Regulations (10 CFR 1008), the Contractor shall maintain the following “Systems of Records” on individuals in order to accomplish the United States Department of Energy functions:

  • Personnel Medical Records (DOE-33) (excepting Contractor employees)
  • Personnel Radiation Exposure Records (DOE-35) (respecting Contractor employees, DOE and, visitors to the Contract Site)
  • Employee and Visitor Access Control Records (DOE-51)
  • Access Control Records of International Visits, Assignments, and Employment at DOE Facilities and Contractor Sites (DOE-52)

The parenthetical Department of Energy number designations for each system of records refers to the official “System of Records” number published by the United States Department of Energy in the Federal Register pursuant to the Privacy Act.

If DOE requires the Contractor to design, develop, or maintain additional systems of Government- owned records on individuals to accomplish an agency function in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 and 10 CFR 1008, the Contracting Officer, or designee, shall so notify the Contractor, in writing, and such Privacy Act system shall be deemed added to the above list whether incorporated by formal contract modification or not. The Parties shall mutually agree to a schedule for implementation of the Privacy Act with respect to each such system.