Prime Contract – Clause H.26



The Contractor shall conduct payroll and job-site audits and conduct investigations of complaints as authorized by DOE on all Davis Bacon activity, including any subcontracts, as may be necessary to determine compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act. Where violations are found, the Contractor shall report them to the DOE Contracting Officer. The Contracting Officer may require that the Contractor assist in the determination of the amount of restitution and withholding of funds from a subcontractor so that sufficient funds are withheld to provide restitution for back wages due for workers inappropriately classified and paid, fringe benefits owed, overtime payments due, and liquidated damages assessed.

The Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer of any complaints and significant labor standards violations whether caused by the Contractor or subcontractors. The Contractor shall assist DOE and/or the Department of Labor in the investigation of any alleged violations or disputes involving labor standards. The Contractor shall furnish a Davis-Bacon Semi-Annual Enforcement Report to DOE by April 21 and October 21 each year.