Prime Contract – Clause H.1


Laboratory Facilities. DOE agrees to furnish and make available to the Contractor, for its use in performing the work under this contract, the Laboratory facilities designated as follows:

(a)        The Government-owned or leased land, buildings, utilities, equipment and other facilities situated at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Site in DuPage and Kane Counties, Illinois; and

(b)        The Government-leased land, buildings, and other facilities situated at the former Homestake Mine in the City of Lead, Lawrence County, South Dakota, leased by the U.S. Department of Energy from the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority under Land Lease No. 8.02.19.

(c)        Government-owned or leased facilities at such other locations as may be approved by DOE for use under this contract.

DOE reserves the right to make part of the above-mentioned land or facilities available to other Government agencies or other users on the basis that the responsibilities and undertakings of the Contractor will not be unreasonably interfered with. Before exercising its right to make any part of the land or facilities available to another agency or user, DOE will confer with the Contractor.

Subject to mutual agreement, other facilities may be used in the performance of the work under this contract.