Prime Contract – Clause I.90



(a)        In performing work under this contract, the contractor shall comply with the requirements of applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations (including DOE regulations), unless relief has been granted in writing by the appropriate regulatory agency.  A List of Applicable Laws and Regulations (Appendix I/List A) may be appended to this contract for information purposes. Omission of any applicable law or regulation from Appendix I/List A does not affect the obligation of the contractor to comply with such law or regulation pursuant to this paragraph.

(b)        The Contractor will perform the work of this Contract in accordance with each of the Contractor Requirements Documents (CRDs) appended to this Contract as “Appendix I”, until such time as the Contracting Officer approves the substitution of an alternative procedure, standard, system of oversight, or assessment mechanism resulting from the process described in the clause of this contract, entitled, “Application of DOE Contractor Requirements Documents”.

(c)        Except as otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, the contractor shall procure all necessary permits or licenses required for the performance of work under this contract.

(d)       Regardless of the performer of the work, the contractor is responsible for compliance with the requirements of this clause.  The contractor is responsible for flowing down the requirements of this clause to subcontracts at any tier to the extent necessary to ensure the contractor’s compliance with the requirements.