Prime Contract – Clause I.88



(a)        The contractor agrees that it shall affirmatively identify, evaluate, and institute practices, where appropriate, that will improve performance in the areas of environmental and health, safety, scientific and technical, security, business and administrative, and any other areas of performance in the management and operation of the contract.

This may entail the alteration of existing practices or the institution of new procedures to more effectively or efficiently perform any aspect of contract performance or reduce overall cost of operation under the contract. Such improvements may result from changes in organization, outsourcing decisions, simplification of systems while retaining necessary controls, or any other approaches consistent with the statement of work and performance measures of this contract.

(b)        The contractor agrees to work collaboratively with the Department, all other management and operating, DOE major facilities management contractors and affiliated contractors which manage or operate DOE sites or facilities for the following purposes: (i) to exchange information generally, (ii) to evaluate concepts that may be of benefit in resolving common issues, in confronting common problems, or in reducing costs of operations, and (iii) to otherwise identify and implement DOE-complex-wide management improvements discussed in paragraph (a). In doing so, it shall also affirmatively provide information relating to its management improvements to such contractors, including lessons learned, subject to security considerations and the protection of data proprietary to third parties.

(c)        The contractor may consult with the contracting officer in those instances in which improvements being considered pursuant to paragraph (a) involve the cooperation of the DOE. The contractor may request the assistance of the contracting officer in the communication of the success of improvements to other management and operating contractors in accordance with paragraph (b) of this clause.

(d)       The contractor shall notify the contracting officer and seek approval where necessary to fulfill its obligations under the contract. Compliance with this clause in no way alters the obligations of the Contractor under any other provision of this contract.