Prime Contract – Clause H.24



(a)     Contractors, other than those whose workers’ compensation coverage is provided through a state funded arrangement or a corporate benefits program, shall submit to the Contracting Officer for approval all new compensation policies and all initial proposals for self-insurance (contractors shall provide copies to the Contracting Officer of all renewal policies for workers compensation).

(b)     Workers compensation loss income benefit payments, when supplemented by other programs (such as salary continuation, short-term disability) are to be administered so that total benefit payments from all sources shall not exceed 100 percent of the employee’s net pay.

(c)     Contractors approve all workers compensation settlement claims up to $100,000. Settlement claims above the $100,000 require Contracting Officer approval.

(d)    The Contractor shall obtain approval from the Contracting Officer before making any significant change to its workers compensation coverage and shall furnish reports as may be required from time to time by the Contracting Officer.