Prime Contract – Clause H.11



The allowable costs reimbursed under Clause I.117, Payments and Advances, of this contract shall include costs incurred by the Board of Directors and shall be determined as follows:

Commencing October 1, 2008 the Contractor shall be provided funds each fiscal year to reimburse the allowable costs (which may include such types as staff costs, honoraria and meeting expenses) resulting from the contract management oversight activities of the Board of Directors. At least 60 days before the beginning of each fiscal year, the Contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer a detailed budget estimate for the allowable costs of such activities for the ensuing year. The amount each year shall be a provisional amount agreed upon by the Parties after review of the annual budget. During each year the Parties may agree upon changes regarding the approved annual budget. Any costs incurred by the Contractor for the Board of Directors in excess of the mutually agreed to provisional amount shall be unallowable unless the Contracting Officer approves such increased amount, in writing. The Contractor shall submit a detailed report of all expenditures as soon as possible but no later than 120 days following the end of each fiscal year. Any amounts received provisionally for the completed year and not so spent shall be refunded to the DOE, or, if the Parties so agree, carried forward as an offset against the provisional allowable costs for the succeeding fiscal year. A certification signed by an individual of the Fermi Research Alliance LLC, at a level no lower than a Vice President or Chief Financial Officer, shall be provided stating that the costs incurred contain no unallowable costs. Appropriate documentation, including a detailed agenda, list of attendees, topics of discussion, and a Statement indicating that meals provided to the Board of Directors are incidental to and an integral part of the conference or meeting shall be available to DOE and provided in the annual detailed report of expenditures. Actual allowable costs may be charged to the contract as incurred during each fiscal year.